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British Registered Soay sheep


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"Foula"s first day on the job
Links and Conservancies

We have included here a number of links that have
impressed us. We hope you find them interesting and useful.

A Few Places To See Soay Sheep

Cotswold Farm Park- England
"A rare farm experience for all the family." This is a fun, friendly introduction to the conservation of heritage livestock breeds and is where the Rare Breeds Survival Trust began.

Gaerllwyd Flocks of Rare Breed Sheep and Poultry - Wales
Gaerllwyd Rare Breeds maintains a flock of "Hirta" Soay sheep representing the breed as it appears on Hirta. Here one can view polled, horned and scurred rams and ewes and also see the wide variety of colors and markings that naturally occur within the breed. Lambs are available in the late summer- early autumn and adults are available year round.


Resources for Flock Management

USDA Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program

For information about the program, how to enroll, obtain ear tags or to check the status of flock by State or breed

Cornell University Poisonous Plant website
Very informative site about plants that are toxic to livestock


A wonderful sheep resource with links to other excellent sites


Maryland Small Ruminant page
Another excellent ruminant resource with links to other sites


Fiasco Farm
Website with exceptional photographs demonstrating trimming of hooves

The American Sheep Industry Association - Biosecurity
Click on online Resources, type in Biosecurity, click on Biosecurity
An excellent place to begin research on Biosecurity

Biosecurity on sheep farms
another thoughtful article on biosecurity

Sites for Fiber Artists
Hand weavers, felters and spinners

Antrim Handweaving  (US)
Margaret B. Russell is a handweaver with over 25 years of experience and a lifetime appreciation of this ancient art
. Several small and very select sources, including Southern Oregon Soay Farms, supply Margaret with the natural fibers for her weaving.  Her looms are dressed with these choice fibers, producing heritage pieces including tea towels and table runners, scarves and wraps.  She weaves on multi-shaft floor looms in her home studio in Byfield, part of the small coastal town of Newbury, in northeastern Massachusetts.  Handwoven pieces are sold at a limited number of juried artisan shows throughout the year.  Commissioned work is acceptedHer handweaving workshops and classes are offered at area arts centers. 

Still River Mill   (US)
Still River Mill is a family-run mill which services small scale farms and animal owners processing a variety of natural fibers. Their services include washing, picking and carding, spinning single or multiple ply, lace weight spinning, dehairing /fiber cleaning,   dyeing fiber or yarn and felting .They are experienced in processing both Soay and Boreray wool along with other animals including buffalo. .
P.O. Box 397
Eastford, CT 06242
Email: sales@stillrivermill.com 


St. Kilda on the Internet

St. Kilda
a magnificent website detailing the St. Kilda Islands


Antiquarian and Second Hand Scottish Books
The St. Kilda and Farthest Hebrides Page

Kathie's favorite site for used books about St. Kilda


How to get to St. Kilda

Island Cruising  aboard the MV Cuma

wonderful four and six day cruises to St. Kilda

Kilda Cruises
aboard the Orca II
If you don't have time for a longer trip,  Kilda Cruises provides one day trips http://www.kildacruises.co.uk/