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Breeders of
British Registered Soay sheep

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Caring for Soay sheep
Suppliers and Resources

These are suppliers we have worked with and been very pleased
with their products and their service


Shaul's Manufacturing
Livestock Handling Equipment

Specializing in sheep and livestock handling equipment; chutes, pens, feeders, panels, gates, stands, squeezes, stockracks. Their light weight panels are especially useful around our barnyard and are the closest thing we have found in the US to the hurdles of the UK. Also custom work, reasonably priced and very customer oriented. They will ship anywhere in the country, but for those of us on the west coast they come to many of the shows and will deliver equipment at shows and even sometimes at stops along the way (if it is on their route), free of charge.

Sutter, California
(530) 695 8185

livestock supplies, including vaccines,  veterinary syringes, fencing supplies, clothing, boots, even boot repair kits.etc.
Excellent, speedy service.
P.O. Box 100. Dothan, AL 36301-0100
Phone 1-800-533-3377

Pipestone Veterinary Supply
Livestock (sheep and goat) Antibiotics to vitamins  plus a library of articles,  archive of photographs of topics from blood collection to white muscle disease, and a list of management tips.  E
xcellent, speedy service
PO Box 188, 1300 Hwy 75 S.,Pipestone Mn 56164
[507] 825-5687 (information line only)
[800] 658-2523 (orders only)


Valley Vet Supply

Complete line of animal health care products (prescriptions, OB wire saws, wormer, vaccines)    
Excellent, speedy service
1118 Pony Express Hwy., Marysville, Kansas 66508   

Quality Llama Products and Alternative Livestock supplies

A wide range of alternative livestock supplies, books, signs, rubberstamps, custom made halters. If you need a custom made halter for your Soay, your Reindeer or your Yak this is the place. Excellent, speedy service

33217 Bellinger Scale Road, Lebanon, OR 97355

Premier 1

A supplier geared to sheep: animal supplies, fencing systems, panels and chutes, ear tags.digital lamb scales, etc.
2031 300th Street, Washington, IA 52353

Sheepman Supply Company
Another supplier geared to sheep. They carry a wide variety of products including ram's supplies, lambing supplies, herding tools, books and videos and health care products.
PO Box A. Frederick, MD 21702
Phone: 800-331-9122 or 301-662-4197
Fax: 301-662-0361

Dalton ID Systems
The Dalton Minitag is the smallest ID tag we have ever found, at 3/4 of an  inch it is ideal for day old Soay lambs (although it was designed for rabbits). As of yet we have not found a source for them in the USA (they are not available on the Dalton.thetags4u.com website) and you must call them directly.in the UK.  If keeping track of the genetics of your sheep is important to you  they are  worth the  price and the hassle. While only intended for use as baby tags they generally last the life of the sheep and are often a quick way in the field to identify a sheep's farm of origin.
Dalton House
Newtown Road
Oxon RG9 1HG
+44 1491 419 000
scroll down to page 26, listed under research



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